Pipeline Summary

Pipeline for ddRNAi gene silencing

Benitec Biopharma’s pipeline of in-house and partnered programs to develop therapeutics for chronic and life-threatening conditions is based on our proprietary technology, DNA-directed RNA (ddRNAi). View our out-licensed programs here.

Due to its demonstrated ability to effect long-lasting gene silencing, once proven in human trials, ddRNAi technology has significant potential to treat or cure a broad range of human diseases and conditions. These include cancers, neurological diseases, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases and other afflictions that are associated with the expression of a small number of key genes.

Our in-house pipeline is summarized below, with links to individual program details. View our out-licensed programs here. Successful development of therapeutic products in just one of these programs would be a major breakthrough in medical therapy.

In-house Programs

Out-licensed Pipeline


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